About Brand

Enchantmints bring beauty and goodness into children's lives with wall art, decor, music boxes, and more. Their range are full of beauty, whimsy, and goodness. You'll find nary a pirate or ironic item here. Each piece begins with all-original watercolor art, specifically created with children's well-being in mind.
When you choose Enchantmints, you know you are bringing all good things into your little one's life. Their products nurture the imagination, creativity, gentleness, kindness, enthusiasm, and a love of nature.
Enchantmints mission to support the wholesomeness of childhood is fulfilled by working with original artists and art from which the products are developed. While they use modern technology to complete the development process, all their products derive from that which is fully human: the work of an artist.
Childhood is a relatively short period in a lifetime. Adulthood is a long time. The brand wants to enhance the existence of a world full of imaginative play and curiosity, for this leads to healthy development. Children absorb everything around them as formative forces for the future. Through our gentle products, we strive to enhance this special time of childhood.

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