About Brand

Encircled’s modern basics are consciously crafted in Canada using sustainable materials. This ethical clothing brand focuses on versatile multi-way clothing encouraging consumers to invest in high quality pieces that can be worn for years to come.
The fabrics used in the range are soft against your skin, drape beautifully, and are resistant to fading. Most importantly, the process to make these fabrics are sustainable and utilize low-impact dyes, positively impacting both the planet and your health.
Encircled factories are located less than 60km from their Toronto studio. Producing locally means the brand can oversee garment quality down to every last stitch. Ensure their workers are happy, paid fairly and are respected under safe working conditions. Create local jobs, resparking love and appreciation for apparel craftsmanship. Reduce their carbon footprint, cutting out unnecessary shipping and freight. Zip down to their factories whenever Encircled fancies, and have a coffee with the talented women that make your clothes.

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