About Brand

Epic Wipes are towel-sized wet wipes that are strong enough for a mud-caked mountain biker yet gentle enough for a s'more covered munchkin. No shower? No problem. With Epic Wipes, you can do all the things you love... without the smell.
Epic Wipes are individually packaged, towel-sized wet wipes that are safe for you and the earth and strong enough for your epic lifestyle. In the field, at the gym, on the way to the boardroom and everywhere in between, Epic Wipes will change the way you conquer your day.
Tired of using a whole pack of wet wipes to freshen up? So were we! Epic Wipes are 16 times larger than a standard wipe, so you only need one to get the job done.
The product is safe, gentle on your body and respectful of our earth. This company engineered Epic Wipes using bamboo, a wildly renewable resource which also makes them 100% biodegradable.

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