About Brand

Eso Studio creates beautiful wallpaper designs directly derived from our naturally dyed textiles, using recycled botanicals from local florists and restaurants.

Eso Studio designs are inspired by the fleeting aspects of the natural world, giving permanence to temporary moments. Sunlight dancing on your bedroom wall, sand rippled by the wind, a field of wildflowers before the mower comes around…

This brand is created by a design trio - Ann, Jamie, and Hannah. Originally brought together through our work in the textile design industry, they united with a shared desire to combine our appreciation of natural & handmade processes with interior design. With a focus on sustainability, they repurpose discarded botanicals and food material reclaimed from local businesses to hand-dye fabric for bespoke art pieces and accessories.

Using high quality scans of their fabrics, Eso Studio digitizes and memorializes the beautiful and natural markings created by nature.

Eso Studio creates unique wallpaper patterns that bring the restorative energy of the outdoors to your indoor environment.

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