About Brand

Ethiqana is a social enterprise founded on the principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability and fair trade in order to bring about positive social change.

Our mission is simple:

·        Empower artisans through fair and ethical sourcing

·        Provide viable, affordable and sustainable choices to consumers

·        Rediscover sustainable materials and reduce the use of plastics

Our aim is to start an artisanal revival in the world of children’s toys and other homewares and accessories.

We work with small artisan producers carefully selected based on eco-friendliness of their methods & the need for creative and economic empowerment.

A huge part of our mission is to preserve traditional, nearly extinct, earth friendly art and craft techniques.

By preserving these techniques, we want to challenge the modern manufacturing methods and provide sustainable livelihoods to our artisan heroes.

We also strive to give travel opportunities to our artisans to connect with a worldwide audience so that they can evolve their art and practices.

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