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Eukarya is an uncommon brand providing with eco-friendly tech gadgets, based in California and specialising in designing with renewable and sustainable materials. The brands brings a very useful headlamp, idea for your travels and outdoor adventures, which is made from lightweight aluminium and renewable woods.
Back in the Fall of 2018, the founder was busily stuffing the usual assortment of flashy plastic gear into a pack as we prepped for a gruelling multi-day loop route through the Yosemite High Country, when an epiphany struck. Shouldn’t the gear we proudly haul into the wilderness embrace the rugged natural beauty of those places?
As nature-loving adventurists who appreciate the newest innovations in outdoor gear, just like you they also give a damn about protecting the places we love. “It’s a tricky business balancing those consumerist habits and environmentalist values, but we’re diving in head first to build a brand where they don’t conflict with one another.”
Eukarya’s goal is to design and build awesome gear that you can feel good about owning and wearing into the outdoors, whether your passion is camping, hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor activity.
The Origin 2 Aviator headlamp is designed with machined aluminium, cherry wood, and high strength tempered glass. The proprietary optical design achieves powerful and evenly distributed illumination.
Eukarya’s latest generation of headlamps features USB-C charging, water-resistance and a dedicated battery indicator LED and improved battery management. The brand products range is designed and hand assembled in the USA.

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