About Brand

Fair Tribe brings modern design & fair trade + sustainable values into the home with their wide variety of artisan made goods.
Everything you find at Fair Tribe is artisan produced and sourced from fair trade certified members guaranteeing fair wages, safe working conditions and sustainable materials.
They partner with distributors that have the same fair trade values, like Swahili Modern, a partner that works with select countries in Africa to advance artisans by ensuring sustainable profits through the sale of eco-friendly products. Or One World Projects which distributes fair trade goods from developing countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
Also, Acacia Creations, supplies earth-friendly jewelry, gifts, and home décor, which started as a way to connect artists in Kenyan refugee camps with international consumer markets (and now expanded to empower artisans in Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Indian, and the Philippines). Acacia not only ensures that their products are produced according to fair trade principles, but work to provide training, jobs, education, and healthcare to its community partners.

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