About Brand

Faith in Nature is a multi-award winning company offering over 150 natural formulations for body, bath, baby and home.
Made with the best of nature’s ingredients, the cruelty free ranges are effective yet kind to our bodies and the planet. They are also free from parabens, SLES, artificial colours and fragrances.
Faith in Nature was founded in humble beginnings, 40 years ago by Rivka Rose. One of the original trailblazers in green products, Rivka spotted a niche in the market for affordable natural skin care products that everybody could use.
Unable to find any skincare products to suit her sensitive skin, Rivka put her background in herbalism and knowledge of plant extracts to good use.
In a remote farmhouse on the west coast of Scotland, she set to work creating a range of cruelty free skin care using organic and naturally derived ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skins.
Now locally produced in North Manchester in the heart of the UK and still headed up by Rivka and her husband Aaron, today Faith in Nature’s expert knowledge of plant and natural extracts is combined with advanced eco conscious production techniques.

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