About Brand

This female founded and multi-award winning brand brings a range of gin and vodka that's completely organic.
Fatty’s Organic Gin is made to the highest organic standards, using the finest organic grain and botanicals, carefully selected from around the world. Fatty’s has been meticulously crafted to be a fabulous edition to the organic lifestyle.
Created in Dulwich, which originally translated to mean ‘the meadow where dill grows’, it was only right that Fatty’s is infused with the delicate dill flower, producing a taste experience that won a Silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2017.
By choosing organic you are not only making a better choice for yourself, but you are also helping reduce the impact of climate change. Consuming organic is pesticide, GMO and chemical free, but vitally, organic soil management captures carbon from the atmosphere and helps reduce the impact caused by flooding and droughts. Choosing organic is choosing to do your bit to help this magical world we are fortunate to live in.
Feel Good About What You Drink. Drink Organic.

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