About Brand

FemmyCycle is a physician-designed, patented menstrual cup that is engineered for a comfortable, leak-free experience.
The FemmyCycle menstrual cup looks different because it is different. Their patented design features a half-moon shape, no-spill funnel, and soft removal ring (yep, we put a ring on it).
The brand cares deeply on the environment as much as ensuring healthy periods. FemmyCycle is on a mission to educate and break down the walls surrounding menstruation and build a global community with access to safe, easy period care.
“We don’t just want to change the game. We want to rewrite the rules. We all bleed the same hue. Together, we can combine our shared experiences into one without bounds.” A period that is comfortable – not a burden, not a chore, but a part of your life that doesn’t stop you from living it. A limitless period, built on freedom.

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