About Brand

Frank Green brings a range of SmartBottles and SmartCups, is thoroughly committed to solve the need for single-use everyday items.
Frank Green brings a smart range, with a double-walled thermoplastic outer layer keeps drinks hotter for longer. They are safe for dishwashers and better cleaning, also stylish and functional for an easy-drinking, as the push-button operation opens and closes the spill-resistant lid. The product is a design and engineering from Australia.
This brand uses less raw materials and more recycled waste in its production, also uses less packaging, reducing overall energy output. Frank Green reusable bottles are BPA-free and free of other toxic materials.
Another feature that makes Frank Green even cooler is that they have partnered with CaféPay, an app that will allow you to pay for your food and beverage using your SmartCup or SmartBottle. So no more cash and your loyalty will be rewarded with free coffees and special offers.
Furthermore, for every Frank Green bottle purchased, a portion of the profits is donated to Earthwatch to support world-class research for environmental conservation projects.

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