About Brand

You can now make your jewelry guilt-free.

Going beyond conflict-free, we make it a point to source from locations that aren't involved in child labour, forced labour or modern slavery; war economies, armed conflict and terrorism; and financing criminal networks. We keep it clean.

From our workshops to office headquarters and our suppliers, each step in the supply chain is powered by happy and healthy working conditions.

We use alluvial gold extracted by artisanal female miners. We source from them directly, paying them a 20% premium for their mercury-free practices, 10% of which goes to a capacity-building fund that each woman has access to.

We plant at least five trees for every purchase. With your support, we've donated $8,072.58 to good causes in 2018 $3,781.86 in 2019, and another $6,605.67 in 2020. We try our best to give back what we've been generously given, in manifold.



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