About Brand

Gazzda is a furniture brand made out of FSC certified wood and other post-consumer recycled materials.
They’re especially eco-conscious about the wood sourcing, and mention oak being an incredible material due to its renewability, for regulating moisture, also it’s antibacterial, durable, biodegradable, and of course… beautiful. But in their efforts to create an awesome sense of home, the brand wants to help support the planet we all call home.
Made in Bosnia & Herzegovina, they invent, design and develop each Gazzda piece with deliberation and intention. In their small prototyping workshop in Sarajevo, the floors are covered in sawdust and sweat. The shelves are crammed with concepts and first attempts. It's as common to hear shouting and tears as it is to hear laughing and cheers. And, metaphorically speaking of course, every Gazzda piece is made of the blood, sweat and tears of our hardworking designers and craftsmen who carefully shape each new design with their bare hands – until it’s ready to be presented to the world.
When they finally arrive at that beautiful moment of truth, they choose only the best Bosnian production teams to bring our series to life. The selection process is tough: BiH has a long history in the woodworking, steel-forging and furniture-making traditions.

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