About Brand

Go Green Lunch Box was founded simply out of “frustration.” The founder and a busy mum packing two lunches everyday, she was appalled at the amount of waste generated by the packaging of single-serve items (sandwiches, juices, snacks, desserts, etc.).
All of that – plastic baggies/wrap/cups, paper cartons/bags, cellophane bags – eventually wound up in our landfills. Upon reading a statistic about a typical American child generating 67 pounds of lunch packaging waste each school year, she knew she had to make some changes. After buying food containers and trying, unsuccessfully, to fit all the containers into the lunch boxes they already owned, resulting in either the lids or containers (or both!) not being brought back home from school, she decided to solve the problem… hence, Go Green Lunch Box!
Go Green Lunch Box has a patented “turn n lock” design insures a leak proof seal between the compartments. The O-ring in the lid keeps food fresh and secure in the BPA free plastic box. Furthermore, their roomy 5 compartment box allows you to create healthy portions for your kid’s lunch. Control potions and create an attractive lunch offering.
Many of the local elementary schools are working hard to teach the children of our community the importance of protecting the environment. Since their kindergarten days, children are being taught repeatedly the phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Over the past few years, with children taking the lead, families keep making changes in their daily lives to do their part to protect and conserve our environment – locally and globally.

Ethical Values
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