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Goodtel is an Australian ethical internet provider that donates 50% of profits to good causes. Their mission is for you to turn your everyday communications into a force for good.
Simply by choosing this social enterprise, your choice could give back enough to help pay for a farming family’s breakfast for 2 weeks or to plant enough trees to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.
Australia, the wait is over – you can now sign up to an ethical telco & contribute to what you care most about. Their causes include improve school kids mental wellbeing, cancer research, provide with food, water and education in disadvantaged communities, save a dog or cats life and assist in finding them loving homes, supporting Aussie farming families and so much more!
So far Goodtel has donated a little over $44,000 in direct donations (plus donated some of their telco services) and they're only just getting started. Since launching in December 2019 Goodtel has yet to make a profit. This is often the case for many start ups and so was always part of their plan. But they have still chosen to make donations to their charity partners. This is to ensure we 'do some good' in their early days as they build up their good community.
BCorp and Climate Active certified carbon neutral business, as they truly do care about the impact the company has on the planet; and they’re doing this without passing on any cost to you, because carbon neutrality should not come at the cost of the earth.

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