About Brand

Green&Blue is a brand that’s dedicated to provide habitat to wildlife such as bess and birds, designed as nesting, resting and feeding places.
If you don’t happen to have a tree in your backyard, these bees bricks will make up for the habitat of cavity-nesting solitary bees. A bee hotel is a perfect nest environment for solitary bees. Flowers will attract the bees but between plant and plant, you can leave bare patches of dirt for the ground-nesting bees to nest in.
The company is based in the beautiful seaside town of Perranporth in Cornwall, UK, co-founded in 2005 by husband and wife team Kate and Gavin Christman. After years working at Dyson and designing in their spare time, Kate and Gavin created the Birdball and moved down to Cornwall to start the company. Working from a garden shed for a few years the couple followed their passion of designing beautiful, stylish products that help wildlife.
Green&Blue is an award-winning brand and certified BCorp that is determined to change the conversation around sustainable housing.

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