About Brand

Craft organic spirits made in the heart of Los Angeles, Greenbar Distillery is a carbon-negative alcohol brand that plants a tree for every all-organic bottle sold. This brand makes the largest portfolio of organic spirits in the world, with 24 delicious Vodkas, Rums, Whiskeys, Gins, Liqueurs & Bitters.
Greenbar Distillery is radically carbon negative, and radically revolutionary by using only certified organic ingredients. Their spirits help maintain clean farmland and groundwater and prevent adding artificial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms to our world.
By reducing packaging waste and pollution through lightweight bottles and 100% post consume waste recycled labels (and avoiding frosting, plastics and metallic paints).
By planting one tree per bottle sold, which are planted in the rain forests of Central America and provide not only carbon sinks, but also shade for fair trade crops of coffee and cacao so local farmers can better feed their families.

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