About Brand

Grocer's Daughter is a small, family-owned business with a big love for craft chocolate.
The brand is committed to providing above-industry wages and a fun, cooperative work environment. Relationships are important to them, and each year the family travels to meet with the farmers who grow and make their chocolate.
Like any craftsperson, the family-team of Grocer's Daughter spend inordinate amounts of time honing our skill as chocolatiers to make fabulous chocolate confections. Some of the most popular ones are hand rolled and dipped truffles & honey caramels, and chocolate bars with local fruits and nuts.
The chocolate is sourced from Ecuador, some of the tastiest chocolate on the planet. They use fruits, edible flowers and herbs from their own garden and source larger quantities of ingredients from local farms.
The packaging is also sustainable, using compostable bags and recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible.

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