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Happy Planet Toys is an ethically-made brand of recycled plastic toys that children will love to play with, while showing kids how recycling can become something special.
Zoom through the water with the Reef Express and its ocean Crew - Dave the Dolphin, Tilda the Turtle and Barbara the Butterfly. This fun submarine is made by Happy Planet Toys out of recycled plastic right in Australia, comes sustainably packaged and supports little's ecowarrior mission to keep the ocean and landfill clean!
The Reef Rescue Crew are the colourful characters positively reinforce for children the significance of reducing plastic waste, recycling correctly and keeping plastic out of our oceans. These toys are BPA-free, safety certified and dishwasher safe.
Great entertainment pre-schoolers on their bath time or in the playground to create a world of imaginative water play. Happy Planet Toys are the ones your children will adore while creating a positive impact!

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Recycled plastic toys that children will love to play with

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