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Your “basic” underwear just got an upgrade. Hara the label undies are made of organic bamboo fabric and natural plant dyes (OEKO-TEX 100 approved).
This brand dyes all their products in-house themselves using only natural dyes from plants such as Tumeric, Indigo, and Madder Root, which means you’re underwear is sure to be as unique as you are. (Fun fact: Madder root has been used as a dye since antiquity in central Asia and Egypt).
These soft, comfortable, and ethically/sustainably created underwears come in five colors (charcoal, pumpkin, olive, pink and powder blue) and in 6 different styles (Honey Maya Low Waist, Honey Lena High Waist, Honey Eva G-String, Lena High Waist, Eva G String, Maya Low Waist).
Hara the label's mission is to bring change and awareness to the human and environmental issues within the fashion industry while creating sustainable soft dreamy bamboo underwear that’s both rejuvenating and empowering.
The brand has teamed up with the Environmental Justice Foundation to support their projects in remote areas of the world that are under environmental stress.

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