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The Heritage Bee, beehive hosting making beekeeping possible for everyone. Heritage Bee is offering a beekeeping solution for everyone as this brand is a beehive host that creates a corridor of natural, chemical free hives, in turn helping the bee population.
This BCorp practices organic management of the bees without the use of synthetic chemicals or antibiotics. Part of being a hive host is the possibility to learn, observe and co-exist with these little furry insects.
It is incredibly convenient because all of the delivery, set up, installation, maintenance, inspections, extractions, and packaging are taken care of by the Heritage Bee. Some other benefits of hive hosting are that you get a 15% of the annual honey yield (which translates into 12 jars of honey each year) and you can personalise the labels with your name.
Within their range of products, you will find raw and unpasteurized honey, natural hand salve, beeswax candles and swarm rescues.

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