About Brand

Holly Ryan is the artist and the maker behind the brand, and she draws inspiration everywhere from the earth to the ocean, using sustainable materials like recycled gold for her designs.
Stones are responsibly sourced, either through Fairtrade in India or directly through local suppliers. Choosing sustainable helps to minimise our impact. With the collection, Holly Ryan seeks to minimise impact by creating timeless designs that are inspired by art and nature.
The brand is all about closed-loop manufacturing, with all of the jewelry is handmade using ethical stones and recycled materials and is made to order, preventing waste. The jewelry is also made to be minimalistic to also preserve waste materials.
The function that stands out with Holly Ryan is that she offers a repair and recycle scheme. This encourages people to send in their old pieces to either get repaired, or consumers can also send in the old pieces they don’t wear anymore, which will then be turned into store credit.

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