About Brand

Horse Soldier Bourbon is a handmade, all-American, award-winning bourbons and other fine whiskeys, bottled by American Freedom distillery.
The brand is created by a group of friends who have banded together after year of service to their nation. Founded by veterans, the brand supports related causes. The distillery contributes to the Warrior Sailing Program helping vets deal with PTSD and injuries, the Green Beret Foundation, The Armed Forces Families Foundation, local Florida non-profits and many more.
“Legendary Men...Legendary Spirits...” identifies the pursuit of our passions and serving others has led them to a new quest. The team has traveled across the globe seeking the best and brightest of the distilling world and have trained with some of the best distillers in Scotland and Ireland.
These lessons have been brought to the Horse Soldier to improve their distilling process and the selection of the key ingredients. “What we don't drink ourselves, we proudly serve to you. Cheers!”

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