About Brand

Located in San Francisco, CA, Humangear is on a mission to develop "real gear for real humans.”
Humangear makes stuff: from containers for goops and gear, to utensils for eating, and accessories to help people on the move. But over time it’s become obvious to us that making even simple stuff gets complicated. Making stuff creates pollution. Making stuff puts carbon in the atmosphere. Making stuff can mess up this planet.
As a company that makes stuff, they feel the responsibility to think about what they make and why. Therefore, everything Humangear makes is designed to last a lifetime and help people lead more re-useable, as opposed to disposable, lifestyles.
A big part of that comes down to greenhouse gas emissions, so with that in mind, the brand continually thinks about ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes practices such as minimizing packaging and making it recyclable, shipping more things by sea instead of air, or having a more energy-efficient office using solar panels.
And while Humangear products are made of extremely durable materials, they also recognize that even ridiculously good products can die. Many of these products are recyclable, and also can now be sent back to the brand so be recycled/repurposed with their “AfterLife” program. It’s a small planet and we think there is no “away” to throw to. Thinking in circles instead of lines is part of changing that mindset this brand wants to contribute too.

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