About Brand

We are Hurtig Lane! We are passionate about designing products that promote animal welfare and our protecting our planet.

We are committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in our products.

Unlike most Fashion brands, we don't offer a small alternative for vegans, everything we offer is vegan friendly. That means any straps on our watches that look like animal leather will be synthetic. Our vegan makeup brushes are made with recycled and sustainable materials and our new Australian Pink Clay Mask is packaged in our unique sustainable glass and wood jar.

​Fashion and style never need to be compromised in order to protect the rights of animals and our aim is to prove that.


Ethical Production

We believe that for products to be truly vegan the entire process must be ethical; from design, materials and creation.

All of our products are created by a fantastic production team that pays their staff fairly with fair working hours and cares about women's rights in the workplace. Offering above and beyond maternity leave and promotion opportunities.

We are proud to work with them to bring our designs to life!

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