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Buy women activewear from IMBODHI to enjoy optimum comfort, sustainability and versatility. We design apparels that are adored by thousands of active women who are seeking superior flexibility and quality. Our product range is developed through sustainable methods to produce go-to outfits made from super-soft, temperature-regulating fabric for all-day comfort. You can expect to dance, do yoga, or just laze around in our bodysuits and jumpers that move along with your body.

Our Lenzing™ fabrics are made from the pulp of certified sustainably-harvested beech trees and fast-growing eucalyptus trees. The process of breaking down the wood pulp into thread is a closed-loop system, recovering and reusing 99% of the solvents and water. Our fabric has the breathability and stretchiness of cotton, but without all of cotton’s icky aftermath – like pesticide and fertilizer runoff and tons of wasted land and water.

At IMBŌDHI, we believe in self-reflection and self-improvement, and we want to acknowledge that while Lenzing™ fibers are the best option on the market for eco-friendly fabric, it is not a perfect material. Lycra is a poly-based, fossil-fuel-derived material that gives our fabric its elasticity. The truth is until more advancements are made in technology and materials, we are limited to working with the best solutions available. We’ll always be at the forefront of incorporating new, sustainable materials into our designs.

The fabric for your IMBŌDHI is knit in Los Angeles, then cut and sewn in San Francisco by a group of incredible women. Keeping production local (i.e., not outsourcing overseas to cheap manufacturers with questionable ethics) means less pollution and more community support. All of our products are shipped in 100% recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging. And high-quality fabric and construction mean your clothes have a longer lifespan, further reducing waste.

Check out the best-selling black jumper, yoga bodysuit, and hooded jumpsuit on our website.

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