About Brand

INDIGENOUS goes beyond fair trade by setting new standards for ethical fashion. Every organic women’s clothing piece is proudly handcrafted by indigenous artisans in Peru. Through fair trade practices artisans are empowered to improve their own lives, fully support their families, and to help their community by giving work and training to other women.
Good style should never sacrifice your values or your health. That’s why INDIGENOUS handcrafts clothing using 100% natural & organic fabrics, colored with safe, eco-friendly dyes. Every year, with your contribution, they save 484,50,000 liters of water, while keeping 6,528 oz of the worlds deadliest pesticides off the land, away from farmers, and out of your clothes.
The brand is continually finding new ways to minimize the use of natural resources and preserve our planet Earth. From fashion-forward sustainable women’s clothing to tailored sustainable men’s clothing, INDIGENOUS offers an entirely organic range of clothing pieces you can feel good about. Every sustainable cotton clothing style is eco-friendly, soft, and safe – for both you and the planet. Join the fashion revolution: look good + feel good + do good.

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