About Brand

Indosole is recycled tire footwear waterproof, bringing you soles with soul.
Indosole takes old tires that would otherwise contribute to Indonesia’s massive landfill problem and transforms them into beautiful sandals and shoes through a production process that is organic, toxic-free, and environmentally sustainable. Not only that – the process provides dignified work to many in Indonesia.
These shoes are the ultimate game-changer: with contoured footbeds, the Indosole range provides ultimate comfort with its superior cushioning while still being stylish enough to wear every day. It hugs the foot in all the right places, thus creating better stability.
The very thing that makes Indosole so unique is the recycled tire sole that connects your shoe to the ground you walk on. And like tires, the two redeeming features are grip and durability. The tread is designed to provide even more traction to prevent you from slipping as you walk.

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