About Brand

Inner Waves Organics is an eco-friendly and ethically-made line of inspired yoga clothing from premium organic fabrics and produced fair trade in Colorado, US.
With Inner Waves Organics yogis can embrace your love for style, comfort and movement, naturally. The textiles used are organic cotton and the brand also uses low impact dyes for their fabrics and choose coloring facilities that completely recycle their water.
Sustainable from birth~ this brand carries a beautiful story… Malte and Jenn lived on an off-the-grid farm on Maui in the early 2000’s with close friends and their two little children. They lived off the land, grew their own organic food, meditated and practiced yoga daily with friends.
One day while meditating in the forest, Malte had a vision. That vision was of Inner Waves, an organic yoga clothing company that was both healthy for your body and not harmful to the planet. Jenn had skills as a seamstress and Malte had design skills from his windsurfing sail company. Inner Waves was born, that very day, on an off-the-grid, organic farm.

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