About Brand

Iriscup brings an innovative, comfortable and eco-friendly product for women's intimate hygiene. Made of 100% platinum silicone, the latest generation of medical silicones, certified with the ISO 10993 Biocompatibility, which guarantees that it isn't cytotoxic, does not cause irritation of the vaginal mucosa nor hypersensitivity.
Iriscup is very easy to use, since the 100% platinum silicone is very soft and flexible. It is positioned slightly lower than tampons and, once in place, is not noticeable at all. The cups come in 2 sizes and colours, and the stem of the Iriscup can be trimmed to the correct length.
This menstrual cup ensures to be allergy-friendly, it does not cause fungal or bacterial infections or has any negative effect on healthy vaginal environment. Just an ideal method for your comfort, for playing sports, sleeping, travelling, etc.

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