About Brand

Jade Bloom promotes mental wellness through meditation and mindfulness with the use of essential oils. The brand is all about educating their members about how to safely and effectively use natural products. The ultimate goal is to take incremental steps towards bringing Health, Healing, & Happiness® to you and your family, as well as to those that are involved in the sourcing and making Jade Bloom products.

The brand manufactures the highest quality & lowest cost all-natural products and essential oils, while educating on health supported by the latest scientific studies. Jade Bloom oils are 100% pure, where no chemicals have been used nor the oils have been diluted in any way.

The brand sources our raw plants and seeds from about 30 different farms depending on known locations around the world for producing the highest quality raw materials for the particular oil. For example, our Lavender comes from the Kashmir region in the Himalayan Mountains known for producing the sweetest smelling and highest therapeutic Lavender in the world. For this same reason our Bergamot comes from Italy, our Clary Sage from Russia, and our Tea Tree from Australia.

They are 100% pure natural goodness from only the single raw plant or seed that we have sourced. Jade Bloom only sources their raw plants and seeds from those farms that they personally visit and audit on a regular basis to ensure we receive pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO materials.

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