About Brand

With a bottle of wine, the girl power team started back in 2013 where sustainable fashion was still not a topic of conversation. Before coming up with the idea of creating an eco fashion label, they asked a big question: “Why is there no stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion brand?”
And if you can’t stop thinking about it, you don’t stop working for it. The founders love fashion AND our planet, and because they didn’t want the first harm the second, it took them over a year to actually start JAN ‘N JUNE.
Today the brand brings beautiful and minimalistic sustainable clothing, with tons of determination, ups and downs and little by little building a truly eco-conscious label to make the world a tiny bit better – with some sustainable attitude and for sure with style.
All the products are produced fair in Portugal and Poland using only sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, lyocell among others!

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