About Brand

Jaxx make the world's best bean bags chair & loungers that the whole family can enjoy. Jaxx Bean Bags is the ultimate alternative furniture store, featuring high-quality foam-filled bean bag chairs & loungers, modular chairs & sofas, sectionals, sleepers, and so much more.
Jaxx is on a mission to reduce environmental impact while reducing cost wherever possible. Breathing new life into their leftovers and saving our materials from winding up in landfills build initiatives toward cleaner, greener, and safer practices. For instance, their CNC foam profiling of furniture leaves them with a daily surplus of leftover foam trim. Jaxx repurposes over 1 million pounds of this excess foam annually to create upcycled micro-cushions used as cushy fill for their bean bags.
All manufacturing of Jaxx products takes place at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA, where we offer job training to those interested in joining their team, thereby helping to fuel US local economy.
Furthermore, the brand also sources 70% of their materials locally from suppliers only two hours away from their facility. This close proximity keeps fuel usage and carbon emissions during the transportation process minimal.
When it comes to packaging, the brand keeps their carbon footprint as low as possible by developing a game-changing vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from our foam Bean Bags without compromising their performance. By reducing their box sizes by 66%, materials such as paper cardboard may be easy to recycle, the production of these materials is still harmful to the environment – with large amounts of carbon emissions and energy required to process and transport.

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