About Brand

Joco creates experience-enhancing and eco-innovative, reusable drinking vessels – the smartest choice for people and the planet. Crafted from leading knowledge and materials, designed for a lifetime of use.
The brand’s mission is to create a positive shift away from the disposable culture. Coffee lovers and tea drinkers all over the world choose to sip from a Joco Cup. Joco’s cups are designed to enhanced functionality and sensory experience, overcoming the hazards of plastic.
Every Joco purchase is funding the deployment of new Seabins into the Joco x Seabin Project Fleet, which is actively cleaning and repurposing plastic debris right now. The Seabin is a "trash skimmer" designed to be installed in the water of Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Ports and any water body with a calm environment and suitable services available. The unit acts as a floating garbage bin skimming the surface of the water by pumping water and debris into the device. One marina at a time and set to be in locations around the world, yet another way Joco empowers individuals to stop the flow of plastic and clean up our environment.

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