About Brand

JOLLIA is a sustainable & fun women clothing brand In vibrant prints and colors, inspired by heritage patterns & the 70s. The brand has a commitment to responsible production and responsible consumption. The clothing is crafted slowly using deadstock, organic, upcycled and recycled materials.

Each JOLLIA piece is ethically crafted by them in-house and by artisan men and women in small workshops in their community. They know all artisans by their first name and make sure their working conditions and pay are to the highest industry standards. Furthermore, the brand produces only in European Union member countries to guarantee transparency of ethical production and opportunities to live well and to succeed are fairly given to every worker! ‘By happy people for happy people” is our motto and we live up to it.

In order to be sustainable JOLLIA saves unused deadstock fabrics from landfills by upcycling and recycling them. The brand takes action to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the planet from pollution. For example, when coloring their items JOLLIA chooses digital printing process that doesn’t pollute the planet and has no water wastage over the standard dying techniques that waste gallons of water.

The brand intentionally chooses slow fashion versus fast fashion and we encourage less and more conscious consumption.

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