About Brand

JPL Atelier was founded by Colombian designer Juliana Ponce de León in London, United Kingdom, and is on a mission to champion both women and our muse, Mother Earth.
JPL Atelier main collections are inspired by a woman or group of women from history who defied their position in a restricted society and demanded their voices to be heard.
This high-end brand is also a PETA approved and their main focus is transparent sustainability alongside the production of the highest quality garments. JPL Atelier produces everything in a female-led factory in London and have been with them from the beginning.
The brand is made up of a collective of changemakers who want to take responsibility for the new garments and collections. Their most recent step in our brand’s journey is philanthropy by giving back a 30% for each sale of their newest collection of organic cotton t-shirts. Here their main focus is to support five UK-based charities that are on a mission to empower women, sustainable practices, ethical local production, animal welfare, and biotechnology.

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