About Brand

Here at JulieMay we are working toward making sure every woman feels confidant and comfortable in what she wears and invests in. We are an ethical and sustainable woman owned lingerie company who design our garments specifically for those who suffer from skin allergies or hyper sensitivities in any form.

All of our lingerie is  made from the finest natural Organic Pima Cotton and fair trade Mulberry Peace Silk (no silk worms are harmed in the harvest.) This combination of fabric creates a luxuriously soft texture that is naturally breathable and perfect for soothing sore skin and stopping you pulling and tugging at the usual annyances of lingerie.

While our brand belives sustainability and fair trade are given, we also go further in supporting people and the planet where we can. That is why we support Plastic Recycling Bank who help those in poverty by trading in polluting plastic for things like groceries, cooking gas and school tuition. Along with this we plant a tree with every purchase through The Eden Reforestation Project and fund improving cook stoves in Malwai for a more effecient homes for hundreds. We even fund breast research at the University or Portsmouth.

While we are still a growing UK brand we have got big dreams for helping people all over the world and bringing calming comfort to your home!

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