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Kantala is a brand of deep cultural rooted vegan handbags with a hint of colour, bringing conscious high-quality fashion accessories for every mood and occasion.
Kantala is nature and culture. The vegan handbags carry certifications for high ecological standards and exist to represent Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and vibrant, colourful culture. From the plant to the handwoven methods, Kantala is determined to preserve the traditions of 300-year-old techniques and empower the artisans to gain in knowledge and fair employment.
The brand borrows the name “Kantala” from nature: “Agave cantata”, also known as the “Hana plant”, which is the primary material for the vegan handbags. The Hana plant is an incredibly sustainable plant, which grows abundantly and re-grows, forming a rosette of thick leaves which can reach up to 2 meters in length.
These cheerful masterpieces also use other natural sourced fibres, like Piñatex™, a textile made from pineapple waste fibres which are considered to be a revolutionary leather alternative. And Kantalas’ logo is printed on upcycled polished coconut shells. Further enhancing the ethical credentials of the products, Kantala uses WFTO Fair Trade guaranteed handloom for lining in its products.
On top of that, Kantala also uses a combination of vegetable dyes (such as pods from the belleric tree) and eco-friendly reactive dyes, which are both OEKO TEX 100 and ISO certified.

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