About Brand

KIND Collection was born after a wild, wandering adventure through Europe, India & Sri Lanka. The idea was to create a timeless collection of fine jewellery for ALL KIND. Simple pieces which will be treasured and become embroidered into the lives & stories of the people who wear them.
The signature designs offer a clean organic look. Each one offering a reflection & a reminder of the world that surrounds us. The beauty and wonder that can be found when we take a moment to look. The brand believes that handmade is what gives each piece an individuality.
The making process is at our core and each piece of KIND Jewellery is handmade in London by founder Tansy Haak. From making the initial master to casting and hand finishing, each process helps to define each piece and make it unique.
KIND’s ethos is environmentally conscious with a focus towards using quality, responsibly sourced materials, including 100% recycled, Fairmined© & Fairtrade precious metals to produce our collections. The brand also uses vegan polishing products and non-toxic (food grade) pickle to remove oxidisation after soldering. KIND recycles every last scrap of metal whilst making new pieces and uses biodegradable bags to store all their stock.
Furthermore, with every purchase you contribute to planting a tree through their partnership with ‘One Tree Planted’.

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