About Brand

Inspired by nature and crafted by artisans our purpose is to bring the art of food making and slow living back to its roots by creating beautifully unique kitchen, table and homewares. Kinfolk and Co. was born from a love of stories shared over a meal, the passing down of traditions and communities brought together by a passion for good food.
The brand’s purpose is to create beautifully unique earthen and tableware and bring the art of food making back to its roots to nourish both body and soul. Kinfolk and Co.’s intention is to foster a connection between people and the process of creating wholesome meals.
They believe the most beautiful things in life can be experienced and shared around a table filled with nourishing food; and this is why the brand understands the value of carefully crafted tableware that age gracefully and can be handed down through generations.
Their functional pieces are locally handcrafted in Byron Bay, Australia with all natural materials sourced directly from the earth and each piece is sustainably packaged in eco-friendly materials.

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