About Brand

KINRADEN is an exclusive Scandinavian jewellery based on a circular production philosophy and ethical principles to empower people and nature – because on this beautiful planet of ours, all life is truly one.
Fashion is fast, this brand is not. Quite the opposite, KINRADEN is all about lasting relevance and slowly handmade jewellery to be loved for generations. As a circular company, they are committed to minimise their negative impact on the world’s limited natural resources and ultimately create sustainable production loops for both nature and people. The brand insists on using the purest possible materials that can seamlessly be reused or reengineered, should anyone ever want to do so.
The brand's sustainability agenda permeates all our materials and traditional mined diamonds are not an option. We looked to nature and found the most stunning material that does no harm to people or nature. Mpingo Blackwood is the world’s densest (and most expensive) of woods, so they decided to cut it like a traditional diamond. The deep black and velvety lustre of polished Mpingo Blackwood creates the loveliest contrast to our metals, recycled gold and silver. The Mpingo usd is FSC-certified wood sourced in a WWF-protected, lush and sustainable forest in Tanzania, which is actively supported through KINRADEN's work. Furthermore, the company aims for neutral energy consumption and zero waste, including from our multi-use organic paper packaging.
The collections are handcrafted by certified goldsmiths at a high standard production facility in Thailand. This company is run entirely by women, where everyone is treated with fair and equal respect and able to make a dignified living from their work.

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