About Brand

Kmana creates timeless vegetable tanned leather bags for contemporary men and women. Each bag is unique, hand made from high-quality and responsibly sourced materials.
The brand is committed to sustainability, quality and transparency - carefully sourcing the finest leathers and working in partnership with a network of women cooperatives and leather artisans in Indonesia. From cutting to sewing and hammering rivets, our bags and accessories are entirely hand-made. The brand works with small workshops and cooperatives of artisans, weavers and creatives, and respect their ways of working, their pricing systems and their deadlines.
Kmana uses vegetable tanned calf leather from verified family-run tanneries in Java, with whom the brand has partnered, minimizing the chemicals used in the tanning process. The tannins used in their bags and accessories are found in the local tree barks and leaves. The brand certifies that their calf leather is biodegradable and 100% vegetable tanned.
Kmana makes small production batches in order to avoid waste and to keep the product exclusive, which is for them where true and honest luxury resides. Furthermore the brand uses organic bamboo, recycled cardboard and compostable bags for their packaging. Plus, 20% of Kmana's net profit is invested in a number of social projects aimed at empowering their partners in developing more sustainable solutions, supporting vulnerable groups (especially women) and also at counterbalancing their carbon footprint.

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