About Brand

Motivated by their 1969 heritage, Knowledge Cotton Apparel makes clothes that take a stand. It is the brand’s mission to provide the conscious consumer with sustainable fashion choices, without having to make any compromises when it comes to style, comfort or quality.
The style of Knowledge is about attitude. They are an urban outdoor brand featuring a complete range of timeless, long-lasting utility products made for a wide range of activities.
The brand believes in a multi-functional approach to fashion, offering a total look where urban casual is injected with everything from clean denim to fusion concepts and pure outdoor clothing for adventures in harmony with nature’s elements.
At KnowledgeCotton Apparel they provide the authentic alternatives, clean fashion to follow the user through all happenings of life. Always rest assured that a piece carrying the owl meets the highest requirements in quality, responsibility and sustainability. True to our spirit of tomorrow.

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