About Brand

Kolekto is a unique brand of sustainable interior and toys for children and adults, handmade in Denmark.
The idea behind kolekto is to unite play and architectural art so that it engages people across generations. the sculptural designs in the toy collection consist primarily of different architectural styles that can be put together in endless ways.
The brand works with sustainable wood and organic colours, creating designs that have a lifelong lifespan for the benefit of both the owner as well as the environment.
Sustainability is a fundamental element of the design. Kolekto's designs, whether for children or adults, are works you want to have standing out that you take care of and that you take with you throughout your life, and hopefully they will be passed down to the next generation.
In fact, Kolekto's products must tell a story and be personal. Therefore, it is possible to have your name and a personal greeting engraved on all our products, so that it will be your kolekto. One day, when you pass it on to your granddaughter, you will not only pass on a physical product, but also memories and history. It was your grandmother's Kolekto. And good quality lasts a lifetime.

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