About Brand

Lark & Berry is a fine jewellery brand that marries the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with the cutting-edge tech of creating diamonds. The brand designs timeless, yet cool collections inspired by nature and the art of the world around us.
As a sustainability-driven pioneer since its launch in 2018, Lark & Berry has never used mined diamonds. Instead, it cultures all its gemstones to ensure the earth remains untouched and unharmed. These stones are then set on meticulously crafted gold and platinum.
Lark & Berry’s lab-grown diamonds are also 100% traceable so you know exactly where they came from, through each step of their production - this is unlike their mined counterparts whose origins are often difficult to trace.
Due to its innovation-oriented mindset and playful designs, Lark & Berry has become a brand loved by its cherished customers, press and celebrities.

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