About Brand

L’Envers is a slow fashion brand presenting a collection of reasonless pieces. Away from the tyranny of seasons, the brand offers timeless editions which are meant to stand the test of time and outlive fast fads and seasonal trends.
L’Envers means the opposite, the reverse in French. “Faire les choses à l’envers”: doing things in an opposite way, in a different manner, offering an alternative to the fast fashion. The brand is on a mission is to design fewer pieces made in a better way. The brand believes quality is an investment in the future that clothing ought to be made in mindful, careful and slow consumption.
The brand invites you to turn your clothes inside out (we say in French “mettre son pull à l’envers”) and read the clothing label in order to discover the full story: where they are made, what materials were used and who made it. L’Envers is a human brand and highlights the behind-the-scenes (we say in French “l’envers du décor”) and gives full transparency.

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