About Brand

Level Ground Trading produces tasty teas and coffee, grown organically and prepared by small-scale farmers in developing communities. These coffee and teas are certified organic and part of the Fair Trade Federation. This socially responsible company was started in hopes of giving farmers a better life.
Over the past 20 years, they’ve built Level Ground Trading on relationships through Fair Trade channels in various countries, with skilled farmers, co-ops and producers. These relationships have evolved throughout the years as co-ops and farmers face new challenges and opportunities. Whether it be the impact of climate change, government restrictions, political or social unrest in regions, their quest continues to support progressive co-ops and programs that emphasize quality development.
Level Ground Trading’s goal is to work with, support and pay Fair Trade prices to our producers so they can grow, build infrastructure and improve their production capabilities and programs. Over time, the brand has built a trade model that emphasizes direct connection to co-ops but also relies on the capacity building work of their strategic partners. Only when co-ops work to improve their produce and quality, they are able to tap into higher prices and income opportunities.

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