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LifeStraw is a water filter straw redefining the safe drinking water space through technology. They’re perfect to use as travel gear for your wild excursions ensuring you’ll have access to clean drinking water.
LifeStraw also helps to provide healthy water on projects all over the world. The first filter was developed to remove worm Guinea larvae from the water it was contaminating. Today, LifeStraw is used in water products and projects in more than 64 countries around the world!
Vestergaard is the parent company, and is an innovative leader in the global war against diseases, especially those impacting vulnerable populations around the world. The company operates according to a humanitarian entrepreneurship business model, whereby doing good is good business. Following this model, the company devotes its entire innovative platform towards producing breakthrough products and solutions for disadvantaged people. Vestergaard’s game-changing solutions contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

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