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Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are a convenient way to to make feeding on-the-go easy and fun! Fill (via the wide ziplock) with purees, yogurt, smoothies, custard, or mashed up meals. Get those extra vege's into your little ones by hiding them in the fun Little Mashies pouch! After use simply wash with a bottle brush and hot water and pop it in the dishwasher if you like. 100% safe for kids, Little Mashies is BPA free, Lead free, PVC free and free of Phthalates.
The concept for Little Mashies is for parents to be able to cook their own healthier meals and feed them in a handy on-the-go pouch that kids will actually want to eat from!
Ariella used to throw food on the floor at meal time, but when she spies Little Mashies her hands fly up and the meal is devoured within minutes. It makes mums smile! She even gives the character little kisses! Now that she is older, her mum loves that she can hide healthy food inside "snacks". Like her, you can always sneak in extra spinach and chia seeds to her yoghurt and send frozen green smoothies to daycare.

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