About Brand

Founded in 2011 by two childhood friends and industry professionals who wanted to move away from their roles working with fast fashion retailers. They decided to develop an organic and sustainable brand where they had full creative control over the design and production process.

Organic: Lucy & Sam is an organic brand selling clothing for babies and toddlers with big hearts and playful imaginations all woven together by one common thread : to make parent, baby and the planet happy. Our mission is to produce colourful, fun clothing with the lowest possible impact on our natural environment.

Collections: Our story- led prints are designed to be fun to wear while conveying a positive message that relates to kindness to the natural world and to each other. Our colourful designs are captured and shaped on beautifully soft organic cotton, ethically sourced and cut into fabulously fun garments. All our themes are born with a goal to be unique and original and not found elsewhere in the marketplace.

Easy to wear:  All of our garments are designed for comfort and for maximum movement. They can be washed at low eco temperatures and include details that parents will find useful - such as the scratch mitts on our sleepwear and zips on our baby grows for easy changing.

Our fabrics: We use 100% GOTS certified cotton that can be traced back to the grower. The farmers fields are cultivated without the use of pesticides and with an emphasis on creating bio-diversity.

Our manufacturers: Lucy & Sam only work with small factories who invest in their local workforce and maintain the highest ethical and social standards. Our factory partners recycle rainwater for manufacturing purposes and use solar power where possible to further reduce the impact on the local environment

Socially and ethically conscious: All our factory partners support strong ethical practices governing  workers rights, working conditions and rates of pay which are monitored regularly. Our team ensure that all the hands involved in the production process are as happy as our end customer.

Plastic free: Since 2020 Lucy & Sam have initiated a completely plastic free supply chain using 100% recycled materials for all labelling, packaging and shipping.

New initiatives: Launched in early 2021 Lucy & Sam are now working with Verdn an environmental impact partner,  Verdn enables our customers to give back easily by triggering impact pledges for every item purchased at no extra cost. Supporting social and environmental causes should be as easy as possible and pledges can be fully tracked so you can see the progress of each impact from sleepsuit to seed and pramsuit to planting!


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